HydraZen Infusion Water Bottle

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The “HydraZen Infusion Water Bottle” is a meticulously designed, dynamic hydration solution that ensures a luxurious and healthful drinking experience, perfect for wellness enthusiasts seeking a blend of convenience and innovative functionality.
🌿 Healthy Material
😌 Comfortable Sipping
🛡️ Dust and Dirt Resistant
🎒 Convenient Portability
🎒 Worry-Free Bag Insertion

Hygienic Direct-Drink Design

Featuring a foldable straw for clean and comfortable sipping, our infusion water bottle prioritizes hygiene and safety, making your drinking experience seamless.

Convenient Carry Loop

Designed with a practical carrying loop, our bottle offers effortless portability. Just grab and go, combining both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Leak-Proof Confidence

Engineered with a secure sealing mechanism, the bottle ensures zero leakage even when inverted or shaken, allowing worry-free portability in any bag.

Integrated Tea Infuser

The one-piece lid comes with a built-in tea infuser, enabling hassle-free tea brewing. The infuser is detachable, making it easy to clean and maintain.


Our bottles are made from a blend of PP, PC, and silicone, ensuring they are eco-friendly, safe, and durable.
Yes, the Infusion Water Bottle features a secure sealing mechanism that prevents any leakage, even when the bottle is inverted or shaken.
Absolutely! Our bottles are designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -10°C to 80°C, making them suitable for both hot and cold beverages.
It is recommended to fill the bottle with water below 65 degrees Celsius, as the sealing of the straw cover is good. If you fill the bottle with high temperature water, the air pressure inside the bottle will increase. Causing thermal splashing. When a certain threshold is reached, it will overflow from the vent hole.
At the moment of opening the cup cover, there is also a risk of scalding caused by spraying hot water, similar to the principle of opening the cover and spraying water after shaking the soda.
If you want to install boiling water, you can wait for the water to cool down before tightening the lid. Or when opening the lid, gently press the lid to release some gas.
The bottle is designed for easy disassembly and cleaning. It offers a 360-degree, no-dead-angle wash, making it simple to maintain.
Yes, the integrated tea infuser is detachable, allowing for easy cleaning and the option to use the bottle without it.
Absolutely! The separate tea compartment can also be used for infusing fruits, herbs, or any other flavors you’d like to add to your water.
Yes, the materials used in the bottle are odor-free, ensuring that nothing interferes with the taste of your infused water or tea.
There are two capacity options available: 550ml and 700ml. You can purchase it as needed.
Yes, the bottle features a convenient carry loop, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.
Absolutely! The leak-proof design ensures that you can safely put the bottle in your bag without any concerns about spills.


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